Mercedes-Benz Self Driving Rave VAN!

How about a self driving Rave Van with Hologram technology? A cross between a limo and a luxury bus - what's next in the world of self-driving indulgence?  Only time will tell as new auto concepts of self driving vehicles continue to dazzle us with curiosity and anticipation for arrival! The Rave Van may be the most awesome concept that we have seen so far in this journey to self driving magnificence!  

Mercedes Benz Tokyo Concept - Self Driving Rave Van could literally be a game changer when it comes to enjoying the party on the road.  Nightclub ambiance will exude the interior and exterior of the van with an out of this world space age appearance.   The entertainment system will be completely controlled by 3D Holograms!  Soft glowing led lights will line the perforated seats. The front part of the van will offer cozy, spacious, convenience by simply stowing away the drivers seat while the worry free former driver entertains the guest.

How about the power behind the rave?  Hybrid hydrogen fuel-cell system drives the van to travel over 600 miles before refills with zero emissions.   To top it all off,  massive 26-inch wheels that spin around glowing wheel hubs will give this ride all the attention it will deserve.