hail damage repair

Hail Hail Go Away...Don't Come Again Another Day!

Have you ever experienced hail damage on your beloved vehicle? Not a pleasant experience to find that your car has been pounded by hurling ice pellets from the sky! Hail damage can be a costly problem.  At Richards' Collision Center we lead the industry in successfully repairing many hail damaged vehicles at this time of year in the Midwest saving our customers time and money.

Most hail damage repair takes about 1/2 the time of a conventional repair. We use a PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) technique that saves the factory paint of most vehicles with out the need to repaint.  Different types of tools of the trade assist us in gently massaging out minor dents and dings to restore the vehicle to its original factory condition and beauty.  

If the vehicle has severe hail damage a conventional repair still may be necessary.  A conventional repair requires the removing of panels that requires painting to match the factory finish. 

In addition, we offer the same helpful lifetime warranty on hail damage repair vehicles as we do on our conventional repairs.  We also work directly with your insurance company for your convenience. 

At Richards' Collision Center you will find a 12,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility with a secure parking lot and video surveillance.  Our combined technician's experience is well over 100 years with an efficient, friendly staff in-office with a combined experience of over 60 years!               

We offer FREE onsite vehicle estimates within the KC Metro area and encourage you to give us a call at 816.767.0707 if Hail Damage befalls your truck or car this year! Safe and happy travels! 


Interested in DIY Auto Body Repair?

Do-it-Yourself auto body repair is not for everyone, but, for some people that have the desire and interest to learn a DIY approach can save a great deal of out of pocket expense regarding minor repairs such as rust, hail dents, or other minor body damage.  The site autos.com offer an array of excellent advice regarding DIY repairs.  Here is an excellent example of the easy to do advice from autos.com:    

"Dry ice dent repair is a method of making dents pop out by applying dry ice to the center of the dent, leaving it on for a few seconds, then removing it and allowing the metal to relax. You can continue doing this until the dent has disappeared. It should not be too long before you see the dent slowly disappearing. This is a simple little trick that works well. When applying the dry ice, it’s best to use gloves to protect your hands. Dry ice is very cold and can cause your hands to freeze up. When the dent has disappeared, wash the area down with a soft cloth."

Read more at:  www.autos.com