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Interested in DIY Auto Body Repair?

Do-it-Yourself auto body repair is not for everyone, but, for some people that have the desire and interest to learn a DIY approach can save a great deal of out of pocket expense regarding minor repairs such as rust, hail dents, or other minor body damage.  The site offer an array of excellent advice regarding DIY repairs.  Here is an excellent example of the easy to do advice from    

"Dry ice dent repair is a method of making dents pop out by applying dry ice to the center of the dent, leaving it on for a few seconds, then removing it and allowing the metal to relax. You can continue doing this until the dent has disappeared. It should not be too long before you see the dent slowly disappearing. This is a simple little trick that works well. When applying the dry ice, it’s best to use gloves to protect your hands. Dry ice is very cold and can cause your hands to freeze up. When the dent has disappeared, wash the area down with a soft cloth."

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