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Auto Body Shops Attracting Millennials - Nation's Largest Living Generation!

Auto body shops and other industries that want to compete successfully in attracting new Generation Y business need to utilize social media and a responsive web site that looks great on all devices, including, smart phones, laptops, tablets, and pads.  Generation Y also known as Millennials are 18 to 33 years old born 1977 to 1996. This unique generation is known to be diverse, expressive and optimistic. 

According to the US Census Bureau this month:  Millennials in 2016 have out surpassed Baby-boomers as the largest living generation!  This generation has so many more options to view information and marketing materials.  Gone are the days of Yellow Pages and TV being a dominate venue for advertising success.

Millennials are the founders of the social media movement and as social continues to soar beyond our wildest dreams auto body shops and other industries will do well to learn all they can about social and the millennials that drive the demand.  If time is of essence as is the case for many small business owners then hiring an agency that has the experience and know how to manage social programs should be a priority.

Once your business has a solid web site which social media venues should be the business focus? There are nearly 100's of venues to choose from but some are more popular than others and offer ad programs to build your connections. Facebook leads the social chain with over 1.5 billion member accounts world wide!

Twitter and YouTube come in at a close 2nd with over 1 billion member accounts.

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone with over 400 million user accounts. To learn more about the best social media for businesses in 2016 see the Business News Daily Marketing Guide.  

There is so much to learn about attracting this very diverse and amazing generation online. According to Nielson - Millenials: Breaking the Myths: 

"Millennials are more likely than their older counterparts to indicate that they’re willing to spend more for goods and services from companies that have implemented programs to give back to society, and this willingness    to    spend    more    has    risen    over the    past  two years.    Over    60    percent are also willing to pay more for a product if it’s good for the environment.  When they buy, they care about a brand’s social impact, making cause marketing appealing to this generation."   

Discover more about the Millennial Nielson study and how to effectively attract business from the largest generation in America! 

Social Media advertising and the art of growing connections also give mom and pop body shops leverage to do as well as large corporate entities in attracting millennial customers.  Social platforms are free and most Millennials prefer to buy local and appreciate Green living more than any other generation in history.  Social media can offer small body shops and businesses a platform to offer their message of social good, special offers/deals, events and other important company information.

Lastly, social media venues give opportunity for businesses to rank higher in search engines as social media links will also appear in search engines specifically if the media is properly utilized with regular postings/responses being made weekly and others sharing your information with comments and replies.  Good Social media etiquette requires ample time and attention. 

Responsive activity is the main component to social media success in creating aggressive optimization of your online presence in search engine results and in building your online followers.  The more buzz business entities create the more attention they will generate.  Happy posting!! 


Hail Hail Go Away...Don't Come Again Another Day!

Have you ever experienced hail damage on your beloved vehicle? Not a pleasant experience to find that your car has been pounded by hurling ice pellets from the sky! Hail damage can be a costly problem.  At Richards' Collision Center we lead the industry in successfully repairing many hail damaged vehicles at this time of year in the Midwest saving our customers time and money.

Most hail damage repair takes about 1/2 the time of a conventional repair. We use a PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) technique that saves the factory paint of most vehicles with out the need to repaint.  Different types of tools of the trade assist us in gently massaging out minor dents and dings to restore the vehicle to its original factory condition and beauty.  

If the vehicle has severe hail damage a conventional repair still may be necessary.  A conventional repair requires the removing of panels that requires painting to match the factory finish. 

In addition, we offer the same helpful lifetime warranty on hail damage repair vehicles as we do on our conventional repairs.  We also work directly with your insurance company for your convenience. 

At Richards' Collision Center you will find a 12,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility with a secure parking lot and video surveillance.  Our combined technician's experience is well over 100 years with an efficient, friendly staff in-office with a combined experience of over 60 years!               

We offer FREE onsite vehicle estimates within the KC Metro area and encourage you to give us a call at 816.767.0707 if Hail Damage befalls your truck or car this year! Safe and happy travels! 


Experience + Expertise = Excellence!

Richards’ Collision Center has chosen Midwest Tinting for all their customer’s auto window tinting and XPEL paint protective film services for many excellent reasons.  To begin, Midwest Tinting rivals most other tinting companies with 40 successful years in business – a track record that builds quite the reputation.  We asked the company owner, Brian, to share more of what has made Midwest Tinting exceptional and the premiere choice for window tinting in the region since 1975. 

We are happy to find ourselves among the elite, including Richard's Collision Center’s, countless satisfied clients and accounts.  Local businesses and communities rely on Midwest Tinting to solve problems for home, office and auto, finding solutions to customer needs with an educated approach for comfort, security, appearance, and benefiting  the interior and exterior integrity of your investment.

The heart of Midwest Tinting brought new products to light that could solve clients concerns such as heat rejection in the car and solar control in the home and office.  Since heat also contributes to interior fading; our high performance films block 99% of harmful UV ray.  Not only are you protecting your eyes and skin from UVA and UVB; tint helps reduce glare on a sunny day or bright headlights of an oncoming car at night. Safety and Security films for your home, store fronts and banks are solutions for anti-theft, anti-graffiti and shatter resistance.  Furthermore, films enhance interior design of the home and office with color and textured options.

Most importantly, before your car's exterior is exposed to salt, sand and road debris, we recommend XPEL Paint Protective films that help keep new paint free of rock chips, surface scratches and contamination.  A smart investment to be made on any year, make or model, also after an auto body shop’s repair.  This dynamic film prevents unsightly wear and tear from the everyday exposures of the environment.  

An intuitive approach to customer service and attention to detail set our goals high, projecting partnerships with interior design, contracting, dealerships, auto body repair and individual service.  We strive to professionally tint every piece of glass in the metro area, educate communities on the benefits of our exceptional products, and, continue to research new technologies and high performance options.  Our clients deserve the best!

Visit our informative web site for details regarding all of our home, office, and auto, window tinting services.  We serve, Independence and Lee’s Summit, MO, Overland Park, KS, and the Lake of the Ozarks. 

Join the thousands of happy Midwest Tinting customers and see why they love us so much!

Pickup Truck Fender Well Cancer

How do you prevent that ugly, rusty pickup truck fender well cancer?  We've all seen the dreaded damage cruising down the road following a shiny relatively new pickup that has trails of ugly rust spreading through the paint.  Who dreams of rust on their beloved pickup truck? Truth is:  most people just do not think about it being a problem until it's too late.   

The proactive, effective, preventive, remedy to the problem is to wash your pickup at least every 2 weeks and pullout your tail lights to clean out the debris to minimize the rust potential.  Follow up with a nice waxing at least once a quarter.  If you are in the middle of a nasty winter you should follow the procedures more often.  If you find that your truck already has the cancer and the damage has not significantly spread you can purchase from most auto parts store or online a Rust Resolver Gel that you can apply to eliminate or slow further rust damage.     

We also recommend checking your truck or car for dings or weak spots once a year.  Even minor hail damage and rock dings that are barely seen can develop rust.  These steps are not meant to be a complete cure all but it should extend the beauty and life of your paint job for many more years to come saving you unnecessary time, money, and hassle.  

Not sure how to pull out your pickup tail lights?  Stop by Richards' Collision Center at our convenient location in Grandview and a friendly member of our team will be happy to demonstrate how to pull out your tail lights quickly, safely and efficiently.  

Make your Car Glow? New Amazing Innovations!

Make your Car Glow?  New Amazing Innovations!

For the past few years, an Ohio motorcycle customizer has been working on the ultimate eye-catching tool —paint that would not only glow, but switch on and off, without fade.