Auto Body Shops Attracting Millennials - Nation's Largest Living Generation!

Auto body shops and other industries that want to compete successfully in attracting new Generation Y business need to utilize social media and a responsive web site that looks great on all devices, including, smart phones, laptops, tablets, and pads.  Generation Y also known as Millennials are 18 to 33 years old born 1977 to 1996. This unique generation is known to be diverse, expressive and optimistic. 

According to the US Census Bureau this month:  Millennials in 2016 have out surpassed Baby-boomers as the largest living generation!  This generation has so many more options to view information and marketing materials.  Gone are the days of Yellow Pages and TV being a dominate venue for advertising success.

Millennials are the founders of the social media movement and as social continues to soar beyond our wildest dreams auto body shops and other industries will do well to learn all they can about social and the millennials that drive the demand.  If time is of essence as is the case for many small business owners then hiring an agency that has the experience and know how to manage social programs should be a priority.

Once your business has a solid web site which social media venues should be the business focus? There are nearly 100's of venues to choose from but some are more popular than others and offer ad programs to build your connections. Facebook leads the social chain with over 1.5 billion member accounts world wide!

Twitter and YouTube come in at a close 2nd with over 1 billion member accounts.

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone with over 400 million user accounts. To learn more about the best social media for businesses in 2016 see the Business News Daily Marketing Guide.  

There is so much to learn about attracting this very diverse and amazing generation online. According to Nielson - Millenials: Breaking the Myths: 

"Millennials are more likely than their older counterparts to indicate that they’re willing to spend more for goods and services from companies that have implemented programs to give back to society, and this willingness    to    spend    more    has    risen    over the    past  two years.    Over    60    percent are also willing to pay more for a product if it’s good for the environment.  When they buy, they care about a brand’s social impact, making cause marketing appealing to this generation."   

Discover more about the Millennial Nielson study and how to effectively attract business from the largest generation in America! 

Social Media advertising and the art of growing connections also give mom and pop body shops leverage to do as well as large corporate entities in attracting millennial customers.  Social platforms are free and most Millennials prefer to buy local and appreciate Green living more than any other generation in history.  Social media can offer small body shops and businesses a platform to offer their message of social good, special offers/deals, events and other important company information.

Lastly, social media venues give opportunity for businesses to rank higher in search engines as social media links will also appear in search engines specifically if the media is properly utilized with regular postings/responses being made weekly and others sharing your information with comments and replies.  Good Social media etiquette requires ample time and attention. 

Responsive activity is the main component to social media success in creating aggressive optimization of your online presence in search engine results and in building your online followers.  The more buzz business entities create the more attention they will generate.  Happy posting!!