Vehicle Accidents...Who is Responsible?

Have you ever been in a vehicle accident?  Many people can unfortunately say yes to that question with millions of accidents occurring in the US every year.  Insurance companies often offer a basic list of steps to take after an accident to reduce liability, such as, calling the police immediately to file a report, contacting your insurance company and not discussing the accident with the other party.  Although, are those steps enough to protect you in the event that there is question as to whether it is your fault?  

car accident

According to our research, no, it is not enough, and without taking the following additional steps you may find yourself in court.  According to, there are 5 additional steps you should take immediately after an accident, assuming, that you are able.  

In summary, take pictures from your view point behind the wheel right after the accident.  Also take other pictures at various angles to show a clear picture of the damage.  Be patient for the police to arrive, as it can take up to an hour, specially in a rush hour situation. In the mean time practice what you will say even recording yourself beforehand. It is also lawful to record your conversation with the police officers at the scene.  Most of all be calm and collected as possible awaiting the police to come to you at the accident scene.  

In addition, the police report is not in stone once created and can be changed, so, if the police officer erroneously quotes a statement you can request a correction.   

Another helpful site with quality information regarding this serious issue is  Who better to know what to do than experienced attorneys. Of course, their first point is not to leave the scene until you have spoke with the police.  Check on the condition of all people involved in the accident, and, exchange information without going into conversation regarding the incident. Also, speak to any witnesses present and gain their personal contact information.  

Lastly,  check out the site to learn other important details about what to do after a vehicle accident.  We at Richards' Collision Center want to do what we can to inform and protect the public in case of an accident to reduce liability and expense.  We hope that you will share this blog with those you love and care about so that they will know the right steps to take in an accident situation.