Make your Car Glow? New Amazing Innovations!

Excellent article and information from Motoramic by Justin Hyder:  

For the past few years, an Ohio motorcycle customizer has been working on the ultimate eye-catching tool —paint that would not only glow, but switch on and off, without fade. As you can see, Andy Zsinko and his product LumiLor has come close to the promise of a surface that could dance with lights like a Vegas marquee — but there's quite a few hurdles to clear before you could flash messages to other drivers.

Zsinko and his company, Darkside Scientific, certainly didn't invent luminescent paint for vehicles. The problem has long been that such paints in automotive use suffer from the same shortfalls that all glow-in-the-dark toys do: they need sunlight to recharge, they lose their energy and dim quickly at night, and they usually only come in that single shade of green.

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