Trust in Business...

In the excerpt below by Scott Shriber from regarding trust:  it is profound as to how trust effects every industry positively when the entire team is on board. Each member must relay the integrity that over time builds trustworthiness.   Richards' Collision Center is motivated each day by the integral process that consistently builds trust in our customers, partners and suppliers.   

"....In business, there needs to be a certain element of trust. When we contract or agree to purchase a good or service from someone, there’s an implied trust that commitments will be upheld on both sides and goods and services will be delivered and paid for. It all sounds simple until greed or dishonesty clouds the deal. I think greed is what drives most of the cloudiness. In today’s large, consolidated business entities, Wall Street plays a huge role in this trust stretching. There’s such intense pressure to deliver increasingly higher returns that good judgment gets in the way. Then, large corporate structure allows individuals to hide behind the veil of the corporation and, voilÀ! Dishonesty, truth stretching and trust stretching prevail.

The lesson for business owners is: most of us repair vehicles one car at a time, and our business is a reflection of our relationship and commitment to our customers. How is your trust with your customers and suppliers? Can they count on you? What about your employees? 

In the end, the only real difference you or I can make is with our own integrity. I can assure you of one thing, though: if your customers and employees trust you, and your suppliers trust you as a business partner, you’ll be a more successful businessperson.

Join the revolution, step out there and be trustworthy and trusted."  

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