More Than 1,000 Pledge to Not Text and Drive at SkillsUSA Article 

7/11/2014 3:47:11 PM

An industry-wide effort by the National Body Council (NABC) to save lives received strong support at the recent SkillsUSA conference in Kansas City, where more than 1,000 students, parents and conference attendees signed a pledge not to text and drive.

Partnering with AT&T to promote the nationwide It Can Wait campaign, NABC hosted a driving simulator that enabled individuals to personally experience the dangers of texting and driving. This was the highest number of pledges collected at a single event with the simulator this year.  Click here to read the entire article.  

"At Richards' Collision Center we see body damage that is commonly a result from minor distractions while driving.   Bending down to pick up something you've dropped in the floor board can seriously and negatively impact your life.  Imagine how much more distracting it is to be typing/texting while driving?  Pass on this article and let's all make a life saving pledge not to text and drive."