Auto Body Shops - Your Right To Choose

Richards' Collision Center abide by most of the same rules in the following article when it comes to informing our customers of their rights regarding their auto body repair.  The main emphasis is:   you have the right to choose any auto body shop you prefer for your repair regardless who your insurance company may recommend.  However, regarding the following article, we do not choose the 'plan to get paid' option.  We work with you and your insurance company regarding payment.   Call us or stop by to inquire about our specific policies and customer rights in our state for your next auto body repair:  816.767.0707.


Helping Your Customers

Understand Their Rights


By:  Tina Grady


Shop managers need to know their own rights as well as the customer's. The question is, what information should you give, how do you give it out and when do you back off?

When learning to play a game, you have to read the rulebook to play it correctly.

The same can be said of vehicle repair. There will always be rules and procedures governing the repair process. But understanding the rules yourself and making sure your customers comprehend them is important to a successful repair process.

Mike West, owner of Southtowne Auto Rebuild in Tukwila, Wash., says one of his top priorities is keeping customers informed of their rights. He informs his customers that they have the right to have their cars repaired wherever they want, as far as his state is concerned. West says he also makes sure to let customers know if their insurance companies specified any recycled or non-OEM parts to be put on vehicles. If the customer is the claimant, West also makes sure to inform customers that they are entitled to rental cars while their vehicles are being repaired.

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