Shopping for a New Car in 2015?

At Richards' Collision Center we appreciate our talented and skilled automakers from design to production from around the world.   Through the next month we are on the look out for various new unique, innovative designs and redesigns in vehicle models that will make their debut in 2015. We will be searching for the ride of our dreams!  Join us on a journey of virtual cyber research through HD video, dynamic blogs, pictures and news through Christmas and the New Year to find a variety of vehicles to match your budget, needs, and passion.  From the most high-end, high speed to the most affordable, practical models you will find it on Richards' Auto Body Blog! 

To begin our journey we researched the ZR-1 V8 Destino.   This is not only a beautiful car it is fast and furious in power.  Bob Lutz who has worked as an executive for BMW, Chrysler, Ford, and most recently General Motors, reported:   

...Lutz, being who he is, told Fortune magazine that “in the meantime, I’m building a 200mph luxury car that celebrates everything about the spirit of automobiles that has captivated me since the age of 3.

Learn more about this awesome vehicle on YouTube and see Kelly Blue Book to find more than 50 new and redesigned cars for 2015!  Please share our blog with new car shoppers and enthusiasts!